Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Famous Denizen of Sharon

I'm on vacation for a few days and Denton is pushing my buttons (thanks Denton!) We'll continue our tour of the Sharon Graveyard, with a visit to Hiram Weed. He lived in the Calkinstown section of town, and made (and then lost) quite a fortune in the iron industry.


Blogger BLEU 12 said...

I like that you go around and take pictures of things that are of interest. Thanks for the good blog. I will be back and see what else is going down. Keep uip the good site. Weed is a great pic


Be back soon

7:15 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

That granite is in great shape for the age. If folks would take a look at really old headstones in their local cemetaries, they could get an idea of what materials to avoid when choosing stone for a marker.
Nice history and photo,
(PS, usually it's only my kids who can push my buttons.:-) Denton is a peach to do this for CDP bloggers on vacation!)

9:03 PM  

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