Monday, April 16, 2007

A special message

You may have noticed that there's a new "widget" on my blog - I'm raising money to replace the aging car we use at the North East Community Center to drive senior citizens to doctor appointments. Some of you have been visiting my other blog, jennys-tri-di-blogspot.com, and know that I've been working hard for nearly a year now to get into shape and prepare for the Pawling Triathlon on June 2.

Why? Because it's there, and because it's the kind of thing that was on my "I could NEVER do that!" list. Physical challenges have never come easily to me. But hitting ones' 40's does funny things - for me it made me wake up and realize that either everything would keep going downhill (i.e. body parts) or I'd have to make some serious changes. No longer could I say "I'm not a morning person" and feel like that gave me a free pass not to take care of myself.

I was inspired by many factors: a friend who suddenly went from looking like a nice normal attractive person to a greyhound, and when I asked her how she did it, she said " eat less, exercise more." Oh yeah, I've heard of that!

And by pictures of me taken by my daughter Abbey on our trip to Paris last year. I had NO IDEA how bad 225 pounds looked!

And by friends I've gotten to know ithrough this blog, who have surmounted much greater obstacles than being middle aged and a little blue.

And by Triathlon Goddess Tina, my spinning teacher, who has been endlessly encouraging, even offering to come back and finish the run with me after she blisters through it in 7 minute miles!

By Jayne Williamson, the author of "Slow Fat Triathlete -- living your athletic dreams in the body you have now." Her book is hilarious and helpful, and her message was spot-on.

So here I am, almost a year after I started this quest (still slow, not nearly as fat, and almost a triathlete!) preparing to swim a third of a mile, bike 12 miles, and run 3 miles. (Oh, the run - that is the hard part! But I will finish with a smile on my face, I promise you that! So - please support me, cheer me on, and help me buy NECC a new car so we can continue driving the elderly in our community to the doctor, the grocery store, even the hair salon!


No photo today - I have bid a sad and fond farewell to my valiant Canon G3, which has taken tens of thousands of photos in the last four years, including all the pictures on this blog. It died in the line of duty - I was holding it up to the window to get a picture of the chipping sparrow at my bird feeder when I dropped it, knocking the lens off-kilter. In a few weeks, I'll be acquiring a Nikon D70, a gift from my mom, and have also just bought a small Panasonic point-and-shoot, which should arrive tomorrow. (It will also be my companion during the rest of my triathlon training, since the G3 was too large for that.) So, the camera is dead, long live the camera.


Blogger RUTH said...

Can't find your widget? A pointer in the right direction please.

5:34 PM  
Blogger Sally said...

Well, I'm sure those new cameras will power on with you, and be your faithful servants. But they don't get the credit for the great photos to come - that's all YOU and your creative spirit!

Happy training!

2:02 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Sorry for your G3, but D70 is very good dSLR. So enjoy your new camera.

I still have G3 but in the bag for 2 weeks+. I'm enjoying other camera that I acquired recently. My G3 will be a back up, it's good camera.

And good luck for Triathlon.

3:42 AM  
Blogger Lisi said...

Hey Jenny, that's a great statement although what happened to the G3 wasn't so great...G3 was once my dream camera...I hope you'll win your war against those pounds...good luck my friend

8:36 AM  

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