Sunday, April 15, 2007


Waiting, originally uploaded by jahansell.

It's been just way too cold for anyone to actually sit in these benches on the green! Today it's rained slush all day - the famed and feared Nor'easter, though it hasn't been especially windy. This crummy weather is supposed to finally end by mid-week - by next Saturday it's supposed to be 60 and sunny. I think I can make it til then!


Blogger Analía said...

I hope next weekend those benches stop being so lonely. Have a great week Jenny

9:44 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

The benches look very well-maintained. Soft shade of pastel!

10:42 PM  
Blogger Jing said...

seems the sun is already there.
so waiting for the loving summer??

shanghai daily photo

10:50 PM  
Blogger WK said...

Courage, courage en attendant le printemps.

12:26 AM  
Blogger Keropok Man said...

Hopefully it will be good weather next week.

Maybe I can take the whole bench and lie on it! :-P

1:54 AM  
Blogger alice said...

Hi, Jenny! Hope the weather will be finer soon, here the themometer is getting mad, 25°C yesterday...
Do you accept to tell me how do you do to put your own photo on the tittle of your blog?

5:59 AM  
Blogger Ruth said...

I love this photo!

2:38 PM  

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