Sunday, May 20, 2007


Every year, Women's Support Services, which provides shelter, counseling and other assistance to victims of domestic violence throughout northwest Connecticut, puts on a huge benefit called Trade Secrets, a 2-day gardening event. The first day is a trade show, with rare plants and antiques, and the second day offers tours of some of the unusual and beautiful gardens. Weatherstone was built in 1765 (and rebuilt 7 years ago after a catastrophic fire) -- the grounds include formal and cutting gardens, a greenhouse, tennis courts, ponds, streams and waterfalls, acres and acres of horse paddocks, and various outbuildings. I've driven and jogged by it dozens of times, but never been on the rounds before - I had no idea how beautiful it is. Carolyne Roehm lives there - she was a fashion designer and now writes books about gardens, design, and entertaining, filled with photos of Weatherstone.

Many more photos here.

Here's more about WSS:
Our Mission:
The mission of Women's Support Services is to create a community free of domestic violence and abuse through intervention, prevention, and education. We offer free, confidential, client-centered services focused on safety, support, advocacy, and community outreach.

Women’s Support Services (WSS) is a non-profit organization that has provided critical services to victims of domestic violence and abuse in the towns of Salisbury, Canaan, Falls Village, Cornwall, Kent, Sharon and nearby New York and Massachusetts since 1981. Our services include: a 24-hour crisis hotline; emergency shelter; individual support counseling for adults & youths; legal, medical and social service advocacy; support groups; and community education and prevention programs. All WSS services are free of charge and totally confidential.

In the Past Year WSS Has Worked With:
612 adults
65 children

In Addition:
1,660 individual counseling sessions were provided
80 support group sessions were held for women & children
3,499 people attended violence prevention presentations
714 requests for information and referral were met
750 calls to our 24-hour hotline were answered

For more information about WSS call 860-364-1080.


Blogger pusa said...

beautiful garden for a lovely cause, a knowckout combination. keep on rockin'!

1:39 AM  
Blogger RUTH said...

Oh I'd enjoy going to this; a great cause too.

2:09 AM  
Blogger Icarus said...

A really excellent post, Jenny. Thank you for it, it is highly informative. It was just a quick look-in, & will go look at pics later, with more time. Will mail too, à propos. Work first!!

4:49 AM  
Anonymous kris said...

a splendid shot, Jenny!
am sure the service is greatful for your promotion

5:11 PM  

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