Sunday, December 16, 2007


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Tri-Arts put on a production of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown," this weekend, with a cast of high school (and one college) students. We went on Friday night, and it was charming - perfectly done. (I wore out my LP of the original Broadway cast as a kid, but I'd never seen it before.) The kids loved it, especially Snoopy's great song, "Suppertime," performed with great pizzazz by 14-year old Frankie Moschetto. Today's sold-out performance was postponed til tomorrow evening due to a threatened winter storm (that has mostly, happily, fizzled out) - it's worth a call to Tri-Arts to see if you can still get tickets because some folks who planned on going today might not be able to make it tomorrow! (However, anyone hoping to see the song made famous in the 1999 revival by Kristen Chenoweth be forewarned - that was added just for her, and is not in the original as it is performed here. No matter, go anyway.)

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Blogger Me said...

How can you not love Snoopy? I grew up on Peanuts too, and it never was Christmas until we saw the Peanuts gang on TV. Ya gotta love it. In fact, I was writing about Snnopy on Dunedin Daily Photo just the other day.

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