Friday, April 04, 2008

behind the school

behindtheschool, originally uploaded by jahansell.

One of the many lovely things about our local school is the view from the playgrounds - rolling fields to the farmland behind. It's such a peaceful environment to play in and to see out the window when your mind wanders.

I had a great visit with the fifth grade today - Mrs. Klisch brought her class to see my show for Women's History month - I was the Woman Artist for the day. I shared some of my photographs, some of how I came to start the blog, and talked about what it takes to be an artist. I asked them a lot of questions and the conversation wandered here and there - I never did explain to them why I started asking them about " selfishness" - so, fifth grade, if you read this, here's why I brought it up:

You have been taught not to be selfish, and as girls, especially so. But to be an artist you have to be a little bit selfish. You have to believe that doing art is worth your time, and insist on taking the time to do it, even when others are trying to pull you away, and when you are expected to help and take care of everyone else around you. Of course you still have to be a good and kind person, but you have to believe, really believe, that your art is as deserving of your time and attention as anything else in your life, even when you're just starting out and not very "good" yet by whatever standards people around you are judging art!


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