Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Disappearing house

ladderhouse, originally uploaded by jahansell.

I love it when I come across houses that seem to be vanishing into the woods, perhaps overtaken by the greenery. I wonder why someone left a ladder there - I'd worry for the safety of anyone climbing up on that roof!

I have been honored with a blogging award!

It's called the Arte y Pico award, and Ruth from There is No Such Thing as a Godforsaken Town gave it to me. I think Ruth is amazing - she lives in a developing country where she teaches 8th graders, reads an extraordinary number of books and writes about them, and keeps a most interesting beautifully written blog. I'm supposed to pass this award on to 5 people and if she hadn't already given it to me, I'd surely give it back to her!

I have not visitied many blogs lately - my schedule being what it is, it's hard enough to keep up with my own. But my computer has something terribly wrong with it, so that using the web is an intensely frustrating experience. I hope I'll get it resolved one of these days! Meanwhile, I'll be thinking about who to pass this honor along to!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you have a lovely blog. Quick comment - I noticed that the name of the other blog should be No such...
It certainly adds a different meaning. Kinda funny mistake. Hope you don't take offense to this. Have a pleasant day.

9:38 PM  

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