Sunday, May 03, 2009


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The kids' run in the Sharon Classic yesterday. My daughter ran for the first time and (permit me a mommy brag here) finished fifth, in 6:33 - for a MILE. That's about twice as fast as my pace in the 5 mile race. She's not a runner - or at least hasn't been one before but maybe she's got talent!

Once again the race was a great Sharon event - cloudy and cool at first, then sunny and gorgeous, it seemed sparsely attended at first but I think in the end it had its usual complement of about 100 or so runners, plus quite a few walkers and the usual tots' fun run and kids 1-mile-ish run. Bake sale, silent auction, bouncy house, all to benefit Sharon Day Care. The same cast of characters always shows up and runs, and everyone supports everyone else, fast, slow (hello) or in between.

And a shout-out to the event organizers: I have run in a LOT of races in the last few years - this one has the BEST support and organization!


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