Friday, May 28, 2010

Not necessarily scenic

business committee, originally uploaded by jahansell.

But important to the future of our town. For the last year and economic advisory group has been meeting to talk about the needs of businesses in town and how to promote economic development. Last night they presented their findings to a very interested group of businesses owners and people like me.

We split into groups to brainstorm next steps and solutions, and I volunteered (well, was asked in advance) to join a group to form a new Sharon Business Association. I'm excited, because I think my experience can be very helpful - I am interested to help the group start by articulating a vision and a clear mission, as well as specific goals and action steps... in other words use everything I"ve learned in nonprofit management to help the for-profit community. I've come to see the divide between them as much smaller than I'd ever thought - in terms of building community, providing opportunity, creating a shared vision that benefits everyone - we are all in it together.


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