Friday, February 18, 2011

An extra post for today

dandelion girl, originally uploaded by jahansell.

Party just to give a taste of spring, which is in the air today (right now there's even a bit of sunshine!) and in part to share a new discovery in the world of photography - Photoshop actions. People use these shortcuts in post-processing to get various interesting effects - vintage, gritty, faded, etc - there are hundreds of them out there for free download and hundreds more that can be bought. For me, the goal in trying them is to learn more Photoshop skills - in figuring out how they were written I can expand my own knowledge of the many powerful tools available in Photoshop. This was a sweet picture right out of the camera, but it's got all kinds of filters and textures added now ... kind of nice!


Blogger Paul said...

Beautiful photo, one for the family album. I have fairly struggled with photoshop but I am at last making progress.

4:35 PM  

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