Monday, June 29, 2009

Boats on the lake

Boats on the lake, originally uploaded by jahansell.

Lakeville Lake, the night of the Grove Festival. I wish I could have just climbed into that boat, rowed out into the middle of the lake and floated there all evening...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Project Troubador

Capoeira tricks, originally uploaded by jahansell.

A Capoeira troupe was one of the highlights of the 20th annual Grove Festival. A Mexican dance band, a collegiate acapella troupe, and of course the wonderful Joint Chiefs, filled out the evening. We filled up on pasta pesto and cherries, wine and beer, and visits with good friends and friendly acquaintances. And the weather was just perfect, all night long.

A few more photos (captioned) here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Fine Day In Sharon

mudge morning, originally uploaded by jahansell.

And have we ever needed it - a day of sunshine (mostly) after 20 straight days of rain, a day of fun and festivities after week of sadness. Today was the First Annual Sharon Triathlon (I'll post photos and a race report at my other blog, Jennys Tri-Di

I'll also post some photos of the annual Grove Festival put on by Project Troubador - our favorite event of the summer. Find those here tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

With heavy heart

So many in Sharon and the northwest corner are grieving today. We have lost a child - all of us have. We all raise each other's children, don't we? When they come over to our houses, when we feed them a snack or give them a ride to ballet or soccer, when the older ones babysit the younger ones and we chat with them before we drive them home. We impart our values, we look out for their wellbeing, we listen, we show them we care. And when one of them dies, as happened yesterday, we grieve as if it was our own flesh and blood.

In the eyes of a friendly neighbor and family friend, Kaelan was a remarkably kind and thoughtful boy - talented, creative, very smart like all his sisters. His last act was right in character: leaping into a raging river to save a friend in danger.

I admire his mom, Catherine, for her public comments today on Facebook and in the Lakeville Journal: she is showing gratitude and positivity - looking for was to bring the community together, as she always has. I hope I would do the same.

From what I can gather, and as happens time and again in our community, people have worked hard - beyond hard - to help, carrying on the search long after the officials had given up. I know others will come forward to help the family in the days to come - with casseroles and kind words, and by being a calm and caring friend, a good listener, at the saddest time. We will bear this together, remember Kaelan together, help each other together.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

peaceful barnyard

peaceful barnyard, originally uploaded by jahansell.

Mrs. Puddleduck meets Ferdinand.

Why are so many children's books about farms, and so little adult literature? Why are farmers considered comic figures? It makes no sense to me.