Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend in Sharon

From 2009 March Mattress Friday night
There are so many reasons to restart this blog - spring is here, and everything's starting to look less grey and brown and dreary. There's always a lot going on - I missed Maplefest last weekend, but there's always something else to do! On the other hand, there are so many people writing and blogging online about this area now - when I started three years ago I was just about the only one. Now the Lakeville Journal is on Facebook, (along with a dozen or more active groups just in the corner) Terry has his blog, Rick has his, and Gretchen just started a wonderful one. There's Rural Intelligence, A Way to Garden, and on and on! Not sure if mine is needed now...maybe I'll evolve this into something else.

Meanwhile, I took a bunch of pictures at Sharon Center School's spirited production of Once Upon A Mattress. Bravo to all!