Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soapbox Derby

soapbox, originally uploaded by jahansell.

When I was blogging every day without fail, I felt a responsibility to document everything that was happening around town - show up, take photo, post photo. I was so reliable that often the newspaper would call me up to see if I had pictures of an event they missed.

I haven't been able to keep that up - just this week it seems I've missed a lot that's going on around Sharon, like the hospital picnic on Thursday night, and I won't be at the movies at the field tonight either. But I won't miss this - it sounds like a hoot! I wonder how you make a car like that, and how you enter the contest. Anyone know?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Dig

big dig, originally uploaded by jahansell.

Usually I drive through the intersection of West Main and Main Street a few times a week at most, usually after 5. Traffic is unheard of. This week, I've been going back and forth to Tri-Arts and Audubon multiple times, right when a giant street dig is underway. They keep digging holes and filling them in - I know not what for. (Sorry, didn't do my homework - I could have just rolled down the window and ask!)

Adding to the congestion: When Pigs Fly has opened. I've been once, and had a lovely chat with one of the co-owners, Roger, but will save a more detailed report until I've had another chance to sample their offerings.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Rules!

on line, originally uploaded by jahansell.

(Headline by Abbey.)

When the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was delayed from last Thanksgiving until July, the Potter nerds in my house (myself and my 10 year old daughter) were crushed.

But the wait is over: tonight we saw the film, together with our good friends Michelle and Erica, who co-organized the Book 7 release party in Millerton a few years back. The house was filled with Potter fans -the kind that laugh when a scene begins because they know what's coming, the kind that can recite lines along with their favorite characters. Crying babies and inappropriately talking oldsters were at a minimum, too, thankfully. My own daughter was just about the only one who couldn't stop chattering!

I'll be writing my review in next week's Lakeville Journal, but suffice to say, it was worth the wait.

I confess the Moviehouse isn't my favorite place to see a film - the screen is small, the audio was too quiet, it's always too hot or too cold - but it's our hometown theater and so was the right place to go. We'd thought about going to the city but it was too complicated. I hear Poughkeepsie's got a great theater too, but when I see it again - and I will - I think I'll go for the Imax 3-D experience!

This lineup was for the next show after the one we'd seen- I imagine the crowds will keep coming all week and into the weekend.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lifting up our voices in song

I'll fly away, originally uploaded by jahansell.

The Sharon Center School gym was overflowing today - people standing in the aisle, the hallways and the stairwells to celebrate the life of Kaelan Paton. There were prayers from the bible and from Buddhism, reminiscences, folk songs from the many friends of the Paton clan, tears, laughter, and this glorious performance of "I'll Fly Away" by the incomparable Wanda Houston, accompanied by just about everyone in the audience.

But the most wonderful part was when one of Kaelan's teachers read an essay he had written last year as he was graduating from eighth grade. He reflected, with wisdom and wit, on his realization that school wasn't a waste of time - that learning the multiplications tables had a purpose. His purpose on this earth was manifold: to bring people together, to promote love and social justice, and finally, to save the life of another. As one of the many singers said to Kaelan's siblings, 'your relationship with him doesn't end, it's just different." That's the thought I will hold on to for the day.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Darren's window

Darren's window, originally uploaded by jahansell.

Just an extra photo to go with Darren's shop - I hadn't originally planned to post this but when I looked at it again I thought it was kind of cool - each pane is so different, and one could even interpret them as each representing something different and wonderful about the shop: Darren himself, old documents (in frames); books, and the Sharon Green - the loveliness of the town itself.

Here comes barbecue!

when pigs fly, originally uploaded by jahansell.

They're not open yet but any day now...real southern barbecue in our little New England town. The late lamented Little Brick House became Cafe Tazza last year - briefly. Now it's been empty for several months. But work began a few weeks ago, and the sign, designed and made by my friend Todd Tufts - call him if you need a sign! -- went up last week. The storefront is tiny, but he's doing the cooking outside in a huge smoker, which makes more room inside to eat.

There is another bbq in the area - West Cornwall has a wonderful one. But it feels so far away - I've only been there once. I'm sure I'll be at this one at least weekly!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Economic Recovery!

winston, originally uploaded by jahansell.

Sharon has two new businesses to brag about. Darren Winston has opened a rare book shop in the space that until recently was occupied by Byzance (which in turn has moved to Salisbury.) I peeped in the window yesterday and hope to stop in soon. The other one is not open yet but I'll show it to you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

FIreworks, of course

fire1, originally uploaded by jahansell.

For the first time in years we went INTO Lime Rock Park to see the fireworks. I got yelled at last year by someone from the Salisbury Rotary for watching from outside the park, and I understand that they raise money for scholarships from the admission fees. But when my kids were little it was just way too loud to watch them up close. This year my 10 year old and her cousin braved it, and we had a blast. They were beautiful - much more varied and interesting than when I was a kid. Multiple colors, curly twisty shapes - all around spectacular.

Lots is going on in Sharon these days -- stay tuned!